Our technology areas

Main technology areas:
  • machine cutting with conventional as well as with CNC machines, even in 3D with 5-axis, aided with computer,
  • turning,
  • drilling,
  • jig boring,
  • milling,
  • grinding,
  • planing, etc.
  • EDM,
  • wire EDM,
  • sinker EDM,
  • small hole EDM.
  • press technology,
  • punching, blanking, complete sheet metal stamping.
  • heat treatment – primarily for production of spare parts,
  • annealing, hardening, double hardening.
For particular technologies we have proper partnership relations:
  • sheet metal working (laser cutting, bending),
  • special heat treatment methods,
  • surface treatment (eg.: galvanizing, painting, powder coating, etc.),
  • coating.