Extrúder csigák
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With our technologies we have references in the following areas (without the need for completeness):
  • Manufacture of cold forming tools,
  • Blanking, punching, bending, deep drawing, stamping tools,
  • Broaches
Individual machine parts
  • Industrial blades,
  • Screw tip for injection molding machines,
  • Toothed blades for packaging machines,
  • Profile cutting machine blade.
High precision machining of metal and plastic components, mostly in smaller series
  • Shafts,
  • Bushings,
  • Studs,
  • Guide sleeves,
  • Blocks,
  • 3D profile components.
Hot working tools
  • Injection molding tools for plastics and metal,
  • Molding tools for bakelite and rubber,
  • Extrusion dies.
  • Mass production of stamped sheet metal parts.
  • Manufacturing customized machines.