Introducing the TÉT Szerszám Kft.

The TÉT Szerszám Kft. is a family-owned company established in 2000, whose financial base was grounded by sole proprietorships which started in 1991-92. Our management has more than 50 years’ experience within manufacturing tools and mechanical devices. As the supplier of one of our plastic industry partners, since 1995 we got a chance to produce particular pressed metal parts for the first hungarian made Suzuki, later in 2008 we delivered some small parts for Volvos, after that for several VW types, too.

Our company applies an ISO 9001:2009 quality management system in the following field: „Tool design and manufacture, spare parts and machine elements production by metal engineering and machine cutting.”

Our company deals with individually produced press tools and mechanical devices, making spare parts for maintance and upkeep of several productive businesses, and implementing various development and notion of noted engineering offices.

Our long lasting market presence is due to continually effort to provide our customers with reliable and fast service. During our work, we pay special attention to precision and accuracy and strive for development. Quality is indispensable for us. There are no complaints about our work. We pay close attention to interprocess and final checks. Thanks to our professional experience, we place great emphasis on preventing possible mistakes at an early stage of the processes.

The size of our staff reflects the responsibility of the company’s management, and so it represents a transparent and controllable measure for the purpose.

We are trying to keep up with the changes due to technical development, both in raw materials and in technology. We try to do all this in such a way that it does not endanger our financial security and our capacity to serve our customers. We have built a complete EDM technology in recent years with own investments, regardless of any other constraints.

We pay great attention to our material knowledge. Thanks to this, we use the metal raw materials in an extremely wide spectrum, and we have a high level of knowledge about plastics for industrial use (eg. components made of PTFE, POM, PE, PA, PEEK).

Our largest typical machining dimension is 500x500x800 mm.